Our newest advance as the leader in providing quality, value-priced meals to business and industry food service. UV Lite also identifies vending snack and beverage items that meet federal standards identified as healthy snacks. UV Lite also features menu items that meet the American Heart & Lung Association Stay Young at Heart guidelines of:

  • Under 500 calories
  • 12 or less grams of fat
  • No more than 4 grams of saturated fat
  • Less than 100 milligrams of cholesterol
  • Less than 600 milligrams of sodium per serving


UVLite provides both a nutritional, quality, value-priced meal while providing important information to assist our customers in their decision-making process in both cafeteria and vending selections.


Daily UVLITE item on the menu to provide for a Healthy Choice.

UVLITE menu item will have nutritional label posted with identifying UVLITE logo as well as Diabetic Friendly logo and info.


UVLITE Vending selections are easily identified by the UVLite sticker placed by the item in the vending machine.

Also, each machine will feature a UVLite vending nutritional guidelines information sticker.